Tommy John Second Skin: Does that mean it’s still freeballing?

Tommy John's Second Skin boxer briefs: I don't know if TJ would categorize these this way, but this is the mid-level line from the company. Two things you'll immediately notice about Tommy John boxer briefs are that the dong door is genius and the legs are pretty long (8" inseam). The fabric is 90% micro modal/10% spandex and has a very nice feel to it.

The dong door (read: fly) is one of those absurdly simple ideas that took a frighteningly long time to come up with. Why would anyone have designed a fly any other way?

The Jewels: When I pulled these on they felt really, really good. The fabric is silky without feeling too thin. The true gem is the exit. It's just so logical and comfortable. Whether you traditionally prefer to go Stallone (over the top) or out the dong door, this exit makes you feel at home — and able to leave quickly.

The Junk: That silky feeling was great for a while. I found the fabric wasn't totally breathable so it created something of a humid atmosphere, which isn't exactly desirable. The waistband, while comfortable, would flip down (my gut is helping me continue to challenge these things in new and fatter ways each week). The longer legs are interesting, and you can get trunks with legs the more-traditional length of boxer briefs, but I thought they'd stay in place better. I really wanted to love these, but I just didn't. I'm a little sad whenever the day rolls around that these are up in the rotation. They're not totally uncomfortable, but it's like I'm seeing a girl I almost dated before finding out she is an anti-vaccer. So much disappointment because I could never be totally comfortable putting my penis inside.

Overall rating

As much as I wanted to be two balls in with these, I have to sit on the fence: Tommy John's Second Skin gets one ball in, with the other hanging back, drinking beer and dancing like nobody is watching.

Suggestions: At nearly $40 a pair I expected a lot more from these. I know there is a devoted following for this company so it's very possible these could be perfect for you; just because I wasn't all that comfortable doesn't mean you'll feel the same way. If you really want to optimize the chance of making your junk feel at home in a pair of Tommy Johns, however, I suggest the company's Air line. Same amazing dong exist but infinitely better material. All of Tommy John's underwear comes with the company's Best Pair You’ll Ever Wear Guarantee: "If you're uncomfortable for any reason with your first pair of Tommy John, you can keep it." These are still in the rotation, but I didn't think they stacked up to Mack Weldon so I took them up on it. A guy named The Underwearer is going to take that shit seriously.

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