MeUndies: The correct answer is YouUndies, meaning MeUndies

MeUndies boxer briefs: Maybe my favorite thing about MeUndies is the dumbest: you can get a matching pair for your partner. It's like a bad joke, but I really am amused to own a couple pairs that match with my wife. I feel like one day we'll be elderly and get lost in public and I'll go up to some stranger asking if they've seen my wife. I'll drop my pants and say, "She's wearing underwear that looks like this."

As for more useful information, these are 92% MicroModal and 8% elastane.


The Jewels: I believe I mentioned matching pairs for your partner. MeUndies only makes underwear with one fabric, so you'll either love it or hate it... or maybe have some other feelings, but regardless the fabric is what it is: soft. I also have to say that this company has a very fun vibe. They come out with new patterns once a month (possibly more often) — pizza-themed, tie dye, little pandas, the list goes on —  but they also have plain colors and more classic options. You'll never run out of excuses to get a new pair, which they play up since they really promote monthly subscriptions.

As a whole, these are comfortable, and they might be the least expensive brand on this site. They also have a money-back guarantee, which allows you to keep your first pair for free if you're unhappy. I did not like my first pair and didn't think I'd ever wear them again, but a friend picked up matching pairs for himself and his wife so I got a credit. Unhappy with the boxer briefs I got a pair of boxers to sleep in and realized how comfortable they were. I was so happy that I decided to try another pair of boxer briefs in a larger size, and while they were a little baggy in the leg and butt areas, they were super comfortable as a whole. I have another pair on the way in the larger size. They've won me over.

The Junk:  No fly. No options with a fly so that can be a drag. The lack of fabric options can also be problematic. Even though I do like these, I don't see them as an everyday option because the fabric isn't as breathable as I'd like. I tend to run hot and these weren't exactly ideal at keeping me cool.

Overall rating

A partial ball rating of 1.5 balls in. Initially my strong dislike was based on the experience of wearing these to a concert filled with sweaty people. These aren't going to keep you cooler than an average pair of underwear, but they're pretty great in a climate-controlled setting. They also look pretty good on, specifically in the junk area, and the variety lets you find something you really love. If I were still in my 20s I'd probably have these on every day, and I'd get a new pair in the mail every month with the subscription.

Suggestions: You don't have a lot to lose by giving these a try. They're certainly a step up from the run-of-the-mill multi-packs, but I wouldn't put them in the same category as Mack Weldon or Saxx — or even Tommy John. These are fun. If you're cool with that, enjoy them. If you take your underwear drawer seriously you'll probably want something a little better. Saxx Platinum uses a similar fabric, but it's much lighter and more breathable.

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