Mack Weldon 18-Hour: All day every day

Mack Weldon's 18-hour boxer briefs: This is the company's least-expensive line, but it doesn't feel that way. Mack Weldon's 18-Hour fabric is crazy soft and these boxer briefs (and the rest of Mack's lines) have vented areas wherever you'd need a little extra breathability (read: crotch and butt). As a whole, these are 47.5% long staple cotton / 47.5% modal / 5% spandex / 100% dreamlike comfort.

The no-roll waistband claims that it won’t roll-up, and my ever-expanding gut continues to test the limits of this promise. Every week it's a new challenge for these guys, and thus far the waistband has won. (Update: I needed to move up a size, but the waistband outlasted me.)

These are also designed to avoid riding up by way of their stay-put leg design. Big as my gut has gotten, I still have chicken legs and these do a great job of staying where they should be.

The Jewels: The vented areas have completely ruined me for other companies. While I've worn boxer briefs that felt better at first, nothing outside of this company compares with the overall (and prolonged) comfort because every inch is focused on being perfect for that specific region of your body, whether it's your legs, butt, junk or perineum (too medical given the rest of the site? Taint?). The waistband is supremely comfortable in a way that makes you forget it exists. The fabric feels like a more luxurious version of what I used to consider everyday underwear. It doesn't look crazy, it doesn't feel like some new material, it's just super high-quality cotton (with some other things that make you feel like you're wearing god's underwear). The fact that they don't ride up is a big bonus; no need to adjust throughout the day. These have a very clean, classic look to them.

The Junk: My complaints are dwarfed by how much I love these, but the MW 18-hours aren't perfect. The dong door is a little tight, but you can always go Stallone (over the top) if need be. While the no-ride legs were great for me, I know someone who felt they were a little constricting. Depending on your aesthetic the patterns could either be bland or classic.

Overall rating

While it's possible find better things to wear, most notably the company's Silver line, the feel and quality of these earns the maximum rating of two balls in because I'd be happy to wear them every day of the year. At $24, they're also a lot less expensive than a lot of inferior options from competitors.

Suggestions: Buy them. Now. As soon as I tried these on—before I took them off or put pants on—I ordered four more pairs. If you want to have a pair of underpants that makes you legitimately feel good about getting dressed every day, invest $150 and you'll get through every laundry rotation feeling like a king.
Even if you replace these after a very un-guy-like time frame of a year, it's less than 50 cents a day to live in non-stop comfort.

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